About Me

Photo of me
Hi! I’m Marie, and I want to inspire you and help you take care of your family and the environment.

My blog is named Because Turtles Eat Plastic Bags because when my son was just 3, he would tell people in the check-out lines at different stores that the reason we had our own cloth bags with us was “because the turtles eat the plastic bags.” My adorable boy would get smiles and laughs over this, but it was completely true! He’s a little older now but he still tells people no thank you, we don’t like plastic bags because… well, now you see why I just had to name this blog for him.

And then I actually saw a turtle walking by plastic waste…

Photo of a Turtle in Morehead City, North Carolina walking next to plastic waste, just a few feet away.
Turtle in Morehead City, North Carolina. Notice the plastic waste just a few feet away from him. I took this photo in April 2018.

I had been thinking about writing this blog for a long time, but I was busy taking care of my family and working part-time. Just a few months before I launched this blog, our family vacationed in the Southern Outer Banks to visit my best friend from college. I was telling her that I had this idea for a blog and she encouraged me! I was with her when I saw this turtle, walking by discarded plastic, and I knew at that moment that I really needed to do this – I needed to help inspire others and help others figure how to deal with the problems we are facing environmentally. My husband encouraged the idea too! So a huge thank you to my son for being my inspiration! And to my husband and best friend for encouraging me!

I have so much I want to share with you. I can’t wait! Thank you for reading, and stay tuned.