DIY Trash Bags From Shipping Envelopes

I haven’t bought trash bags in over 5 years. You can read my article about it. I reuse plastic bags and shipping envelopes to make trash bags. You can too!

Shipping Envelopes

Do you have a lot of shipping envelopes hanging around? I have a hard time throwing them away, and I try to reuse them but I don’t ship that much. So I decided to make my own trash bags out of shipping envelopes. Delivery envelopes and packages lined with plastic are never recyclable. So, I just cut them up and then pieced them together! This does require the use of plastic tape, but it felt better to use these for trash with a little plastic tape than to simply throw them away.

Cutting up plastic white Amazon shipping envelopes
1. Cut the envelopes so they are flat sheets.
Pieced together plastic white Amazon shipping envelopes
2. Piece together the flat sheets into one. I used the labeled sides as the interior.
Reverse silver side of the shipping envelopes.
3. Fold the full sheet from the side and bottom to resemble a bag and tape together.
Completed bag made from shipping envelopes!
4. Completed bag!
Shipping envelope trash bag lining the trash can.
5. Line the trash can!

That’s all there is to that. Here’s another I made using Amazon yellow paper mailers with air bubble padding:

Garbage bag made from yellow bubble envelopes.

Garbage bag made from yellow bubble envelopes.

Use Your Imagination

You can use anything! I ordered a new futon mattress and it came in more plastic than mattress (I did not know that’s how they were shipped). Instead of throwing away this thick plastic sheeting, which I couldn’t bear to do, I cut it all up and made 15 kitchen-size garbage bags!

Large plastic sheet on a hardwood floor.
Large plastic film from the futon mattress. There were two of these.
Large plastic sheet on a table with a red handled pair of scissors under the plastic.
I cut the large film sheets into large sections and then taped those shut to form a garbage bag.
Stack of kitchen-size trash bags, clear plastic.
My stack of 15 kitchen-sized trash bags created from large plastic film sheets. This stack will last months or longer!

Let me know how you made yours or if you have other ideas about making upcycled trash bags. Thanks for reading!

All photos by Marie Cullis.