Earth Cookies

Earth cookies baked

I’ve seen these types of cookies all over Pinterest, especially around Earth Day. This year, I thought I’d finally try making them. While this idea is not my own original idea or recipe, I did want to share my method.

I wanted to make vegan sugar cookies using ingredients I already had in the house. So I found a recipe for soft-baked vegan cookies from The Mostly Vegan and made that dough, minus the sprinkles. Then, I divided the dough into two batches. I used food gel to color the dough, but food coloring will work just as well. You’ll want to make 2/3 blue and 1/3 green.

Blue and green dough

My proportions were slightly off, but it worked out. I put the dough in the refrigerator for one hour, per the recipe’s instructions. After, I took small chunks of both colors of dough and formed them into a ball, and flattened them.

Earth Cookies on sheet pan

As you can see, they weren’t perfect but they were pretty cool! Here’s what they looked like post-baking:

Earth Cookies

Since I used some coconut oil in these, they came out sweet and slightly coconutty – very tasty! You can use any recipe but I’m happy with the one I linked above. My 6-year-old certainly liked them and enjoyed special Earth cookies for Earth Day!

If you make Earth cookies, I’d love to hear about how yours came out!

Earth cookies